Meet the Boba Tea with all the protein, less the sugar.

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This Taro Protein Powder is a fan favourite that is full of taro flavor taste with milk goodness that's ready in a shake. This is the healthy Boba Tea that put Boba Nutrition on the map. This Boba Tea is sure to please and will even surprise your taste buds. 

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As confirmed by a Biomedical Engineer

"I feel like diversity isn’t always represented in fitness products and it’s nice to have a protein company that makes flavors that are classic to me (Filipino). Its consistency is wonderful, the flavor is great, and the macros are impressive." 

- Yessena B.

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Manufacturing Practices

Products are produced and manufactured according to quality GMP standards.

Products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

Products are manufactured in a Health Canada site licensed facility.

Sourced in North America

Classic Boba Tea with a Twist

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We make your Boba Protein fresh and only source ingredients from North America.

Try our best selling Boba Protein! They’ll take your tastebuds back to childhood with a healthy surprise

All ingredients were inspected and verified by a biomedical engineer

The Internet’s Healthiest Boba Tea

"The taro flavor is pretty close to the real thing and there is no gross aftertaste or mouth feel. I hate vanilla protein and chocolate gets old after a while. Usually any other flavors are painfully fake and overly sweet, but not Boba Nutrition! Definitely will order more and try the other flavors."

Thai M.

"This is my first purchase, and I really enjoy this flavor. You can't taste the protein at all and it's a heavy tea flavor which I appreciate. The initial couple sips are a bit biting - I think it's the monk fruit - but after that, it's an amazing powder. "

Natasha H.

"This Taro protein powder taste way better than I expected and I feel great after drinking it, whether it's before a work out or as a snack to cut sugar cravings. I haven't been to a boba Cafe since."


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The Man Behind Boba Nutrition

My name is Darryl and I am both an enthusiast of Bubble Tea & of Protein. I've always been curious on how I could bring some value into the world that would help more people. Fitness and diet has always been my passion as it helped me achieve confidence and good health but I had a problem; I loved sugar - it's my guilty treat, whether it's a pack of Sour Patch Kids or to a Boba Tea with friends. Slowly over time, I realized that I could not sustain my intake of sugar and started reading up on all the issues with it. This is when I decided I needed a healthier option and created our small business, Boba Nutrition


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Treat yourself to these healthy Boba Tea flavor proteins without the macros and the guilt

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